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Renewing Eye Concentrate F46

Renewing Eye Concentrate

Size 30ml / 1.02Fl.oz.
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Formulated with beneficial plant oils such as organic jojoba oil to deliver a complete and exclusive age defying treatment to the eye area.

A velvety silky, gentle, high performance light weight anti-aging eye care formula is infused with beneficial oils to gently hydrate skin. Provides a non tacky, non sticky relaxing feeling to the eye area, lessening the appearance of wrinkles and under eye bags. 

  • AGE DEFYING, light, gentle, anti-aging eye serum enriched with organic Jojoba oil to help treat the appearance of wrinkles.

  • HYDRATING, provides skin with gentle nourishment and hydration, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Light-weight eye cream that is non oily or tacky  to eliminate dryness, wrinkles and signs of aging.

  • ESSENTIALLY SUPERCHARGED with a blend of organic jojoba oil to create an effective cream suitable for all skin types. With continued use skin's appearance looks  improved as fine lines and wrinkles become less apparent.

Apply twice daily onto cleansed skin in soft circular motions. apply renewing eye emulsion on top for best results.

  • Organic Jojoba Oil is the most appreciated oils for skin care because it is easily absorbed by our skin due to the oil having similar chemical makeup to the sebum oil that our skin produces naturally. Jojoba oil is known to help reduce wrinkles and other skin disorders associated with aging and it even has some anti-bacterial qualities. 

  • Organic mentha piperita oil - regarded as 'the world's oldest medicine', it has been used as far back as 10'000 years ago. Contains beneficial vitamins such as A & C and a number of minerals, it has the ability to relax inflammations and naturally cleanses the skin of toxins and bacteria while reducing skin irritation and inflammation.
Use With
  • Renewing peeling gel - This peeling gel helps re-balance skin, remove dirt, grime, pollutants and makeup without disrupting the skin's moisture barrier. It hydrates, does not dry out the skin. Skin is left unbelievably soft and smooth. 

  • Renewing facial serum - This is an oil free serum designed specifically to meet the requirements of the delicate, irritating sensitive skin. This superior, light, fast-acting serum features an unprecedented formula to help calm your skin in seconds. 

  • Renewing eye emulsion - This powerful, silky-smooth emulsion assists in renewing the shapes of the eyes for a more lifted, nourished appearance. Enriched with a blend of pure plant extracts and thermo-mineral water, the formula helps to eliminate the appearance of puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. Leaves skin feeling luxuriously comfortable, conditioned and supple.

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