30 Seconds immediate triple action sculpt expert-SALE
This outstanding, potent, ultimate sculpt expert applicator combines our triple action revolutionary lifting formula for an ultra-quick and immediate lifting effect. Enriched with perfectly blended ingredients, this formula immediately and deeply firms and energizes the skin. Highly concentrated, it helps the skin recover its freshness and plumpness, regaining its natural lifted, youthful appearan..
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Anti-aging Noir Grand Facial Mask-SALE
A highly concentrated, effective mask that regenerates, exfoliates, tightens and assists in cell restoration of the skin. It's blended with natural black mud and a mixture of plant oils providing the skin moisture and firmness resulting revitalized, healthy, and vibrant appearance. ..
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Intensive Volcano Ash Charcoal Mask-SALE
This innovative outstanding facial treatment is prepared from active charcoal. This particular organic skin purifier is noted for its remarkable detoxifying as well as skin purifying properties. This particular mask which is double layered consists of amazing age defying as well as lifting plant extracts which are acquired from White Water lily meant for a comprehensive general skin therapy. The t..
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Lifting Facial Mask-SALE
Inspired by cutting-edge face lifting techniques, Gratiae features a non-surgical face lift based on a natural blend of thermo-mineral water with organic, restorative flora. This mask is a bio-technological breakthrough that boosts cell renewal as well as lifts and firms the facial skin. 50ml e 1.7Fl.oz.    • Superior Lifting • Revitalizing • Firming • Anti-Aging ..
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Lifting Facial Serum-SALE
Providing the ultimate luxury in skin-care, this unprecedented formula of concentrated active ingredients with organic oils helps to transform your skin in seconds from being saggy, tired, and dull to being lifted, refreshed, and radiant. This serum is a superior, fast-acting fluid, which goes beyond lifting and assists in firming, revitalizing, boosting cell renewal, and bringing back youthful co..
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Renewing Eye Mask Treatment - SALE
As many as six separately packed eye mask treatments has been included in this particular luxurious facial therapy which is mainly intended for defying age. Consisting of a precise blend of vitamin C, gold, vitamin E as well as the miracle ingredient known as Hyaluronic acid. The main objective of the treatment is to reduce the signs of stress and also lighten the area under the eye for a comprehe..
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