Ultrox Expression Marks Anti Wrinkle Serum
Inspired by the most modern plastic surgery techniques, this Ultrox facial serum offers an intelligent anti-aging strategy for customized anti-wrinkle and anti-expression marks effects. This serum is a targeted, concentrated formula that reaches maximum lifting effects and assists in eliminating expression marks. 30ml e 1.02Fl.oz.   • Superior Lifting • Revitalizing • Firmin..
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Ultrox Expression Marks Thermal Self Heating Mask
This thermal Self-heating mask instantly heats upon touching your skin. It helps to open up and intensively clean the pores to allow effective absorption of the serum and cream. The heat of this innovative Ultrox mask purifies and refines your skin by absorbing excess oils and removing pore-clogging dirt and dead skin cells. The mask contains a newly developed blend of restorative natural flora, o..
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Volcanic Stone
Neatly polished and specially designed for facial massage, this genuine volcanic stone takes facial treatment to new depths. The stone works on the inner, subcutaneous layer of the skin, removing impurities and toxins from it. Massaging the face with the stone on a daily basis can alleviate the forming of tension lines and avoid new wrinkles from appearing. The stone may be heated with warm wat..
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Facial Cleanser for Men
This soap-less foaming cleansing gel helps prevent the drying effects that hard water can have. It revitalizes while removing impurities leaving you with younger, healthier looking skin. 120ml e 4.05Fl.oz. ..
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Refreshing After Shave Gel for Men
This light, refreshing gel boosts skin radiance to control shine and fight imperfections. It is quickly absorbed, helps calm razor burn, moisturizes and balances the skin. 120ml e 4.05Fl.oz.                                   ..
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Nourishing Cream for Men
A light, fresh, quickly absorbed balm that boosts the skin’s radiance and its resistance to stress, this cream enhances facial contours and improves skin tone for an overall younger and more vital look and feel.   120ml e 4.05Fl.oz.                         &nb..
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