Intensive Volcano Ash Charcoal Mask
Intensive Volcano Ash Charcoal Mask

This innovative outstanding facial treatment is prepared from active charcoal. This particular organic skin purifier is noted for its remarkable detoxifying as well as skin purifying properties. This particular mask which is double layered consists of amazing age defying as well as lifting plant extracts which are acquired from White Water lily meant for a comprehensive general skin therapy. The top five symptoms of aging skin are addressed by it which consists of loss of firmness, facial lines and wrinkles, dry skin, dark spots as well as loss of luminosity. This top quality and flexible facial mask will fit perfectly onto the face by adjusting according to the features of any particular face. After saturating the epidermis with its beneficial ingredients, this useful mask will make the skin feel smooth and also younger looking.

Use this product only once every week. After opening the mask pack, apply on the face and permit it to infuse the epidermis for approximately 10 minutes or till it is dry. Apply your fingers to massage the mask carefully and then wash it using warm water.

Apart from being completely biodegradable, this particular mask is prepared from hundred percent pure, skin-friendly, mild plant fibers.

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