2 GRATiAE Beautifying Nail Kit (Apple, Green Tea, and Ginger)
2 GRATiAE Beautifying Nail Kit (Apple, Green Tea, and Ginger)

GRATiAE Beautifying Nail Kit is designed to make your nails shine like never before. The kit helps to prevent roughness and cracking of the nails while nourishing and protecting your hands and palms. The buffer creates an amazing, natural, and long-lasting shine!

The kit includes the following products:
-Cuticle oil: Softens and conditions the cuticles for easy removal
-Nail Filer: Smoothes away rough edges and shapes the nail
-Buffing Block: Provides a long-lasting amazing shine to your nails in a matter of seconds
-Hand & Nail care cream: Helps to heal and protect dry or even chapped skin. Contains unique soothing ingredients including organic sweet almond and jojoba oil. 

Apple, Green Tea, & Ginger

Created by Nature Perfected by Science.

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