Renewing Eye Mask Treatment
Renewing Eye Mask Treatment

As many as six separately packed eye mask treatments has been included in this particular luxurious facial therapy which is mainly intended for defying age. Consisting of a precise blend of vitamin C, gold, vitamin E as well as the miracle ingredient known as Hyaluronic acid. The main objective of the treatment is to reduce the signs of stress and also lighten the area under the eye for a comprehensive age-defying treatment.

After opening the eye mask pack consisting of a couple of masks for both the eyes, apply it onto the skin. (Open the mask and use it immediately). After applying it onto the area beneath the eye, use your fingers to gently smooth the mask for guaranteeing proper skin contact. Leave it like this for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. After removing it, rinse your skin using warm water. Make sure not to use the mask again.

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